Removing a Tumor and other Amazing Health Benefits for Humans and Dogs Alike!

Recently my dog started to grow some sort of tumor on her gums.  I had just learned of a new product that can help with all sorts of ailments for people.

The doctor that created the product wrote a book on how to use it.  In the book he discloses that this product will work on all pets for all the same ailments as he uses for helping people.

We started applying the product in gel form directly to the tumor.  Twice per day.  Holding her mouth closed for a couple of minutes so she would not lick the gel off the tumor.

Here are the before pics.

  tumor on dog

Here she is after 3 weeks with only 2 applications per day for those three weeks of this amazing gel.


After seeing this I used the gel on myself with some great results and another product that comes in liquid form that has helped a sore throat within hours, got rid of an eye infection in a day, and allowed me to go through my first winter without catching a cold or the flu!

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