Standard Poodle

Standard Poodles make great pets. They are often all black or white, but some of them are Champaign color. They are beautiful animals who quickly become part of the family. Since they are very clean, they usually live inside with the family. No need to worry about the kid’s allergies, because these dogs do not shed. They love to go on long walks and make excellent jogging partners. If someone needs protection, they are right there to defend the owner. The poodle is one of the smartest dogs anyone can have and they learn very quickly. They make good pets for people of all ages. Kids and adults love this breed.

Most people like to get a puppy when they get a new dog. It really is a matter of personal choice. The puppy will take some extra time and training, but poodles are fast learners and easy to train. Remember, all puppies love to chew so be careful with what you let him play with. Get some good chew toys and he will happily nibble and chew on those.

Poodles need a lot of love and attention. They think they are part of the family and they usually are. Of course it is not necessary to give the poodle one of those fancy hairdos. But most owners do like to keep them trimed. Some dogs just seem to know they look great with a little bow and some extra hair on the top of their head. Originally these were water dogs and that is how the cut first originated.

The Poodle came out of Germany, but they are national dog of France. So that is why the name French Poodle came in to play. Most people like to have the standard size Poodle, but miniature and toy Poodles are also popular. They have the same characteristics and make great pets also.

Anyone who is looking for a clean dog that will do well with children of all ages should consider a Poodle. They will make a lifelong companion and bring years of love and joy to the owner.

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