Spinone Italiano

Known as the Italian hunting dog, the exact heritage of the Spinone Italiano is not known. It is believed to be a cross of the coarse haired Italian Setters, the White Mastiff and the French Griffons that bread with dogs left behind by the Greeks and other traders on the Adriatic coast. Nevertheless, an ancient breed that has been man’s hunting companion for centuries, it is an intelligent, loyal dog that is easy to train.

The Spinone Italiano is a rugged looking dog with a long head, square muzzle, broad chest, wide-open nostrils and triangular hanging ears. Its wiry coat of hair is often white, but can also be white with orange or brown, orange with white or brown, brown with white or orange. Its long coat does better without too much grooming. A little striping to pull out dead hair as opposed to cutting, and a bath as necessary with brushing once a week is how the coat looks best.

Despite its ability to be an excellent hunter on any terrain, the Spinone Italiano is an affectionate docile breed of dog that gets along well with both people and other dogs. Together with its patient nature, it is known to be loving and gentle with children. However, it is a very sensitive dog, and its feelings can get hurt. Sometimes, it will be stubborn in doing menial tasks if it does not see any reason to perform them.

The activity level of a Spinone Italiano depends on the environment, but it is overall a mild dog that does have the ability to jump high. When it is indoors, it is happy with low to medium activity and play. When it is outside, it can exhibit a high-level of activity. Although, it is not a racy dog making it a good companion for someone who likes to jog. It will trot along methodically with you.

A small yard with regular walks and free play without a leash will keep a Spinone Italiano happy. It is a family dog and likes to spend time with its family. Its willingness to quickly make friends with strangers makes it a good family dog but not the ideal guard dog.

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