Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is the ultimate companion. This is one of the few breeds that have been pets for so long that their original function has been forgotten. There are theories of course, but nobody truly knows the history of this ancient breed. This is a true blue blood, having lived with Chinese royalty for over a thousand years.

This animal is totally trusting and loving with all people. He makes a great apartment dog because he will get plenty of exercise within the confines of your home. This breed is equally happy romping in the home or curling up in your lap. As long as he gets the attention of people, his mission is complete.

This small breed of dog only gets to 8 to 11 inches high with a weight of 9 to 16 pounds. The Shih Tzu looks as princely as his history. There is no mistaking that this dogs place in the world is that of a pampered pooch.

The long fine coat requires daily brushing. It tangles easily and quickly turns into a mess if not maintained. Luckily, this patient breed will sit quietly as you tend to his needs. Clipping can cut down on the time spent grooming. The long coat can come in any color and pattern. The main consideration with the coat is the texture, length and density.

Health conditions related to the Shih Tzu include Hyperthyroidism, disk problems and breathing issues. Their average life span is 13 years, which makes them a long-lived dog. Shih Tzu have large eyes that are dark in color. The nose is short and black.

Shih Tzu are easy to train. They are smart and eager to please. They are not headstrong or temperamental and can sit, stay, fetch and roll over with the best of them. They are sensitive, however, so use only positive reinforcement with this breed.

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