Saluki, also known as the Royal Dog of Egypt and Persian Greyhound, is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Drawings of saluki dogs have been found on excavated Egyptian tombs as early as 6000 B.C. They were historically used by nomadic tribes for hunting.

Saluki Appearance

A saluki can be identified by their long slender frames similar to that of a grey hound. Their faces are long with large eyes set close together. The coat comes in two styles: smooth or feathered. Feather is the more common coat style and is characterized by longer hair on the ears, tail, and back of the legs. The coat is smooth to the touch and sheds less than other breeds.

Saluki Temperament

Salukis are sighthounds and great at hunting. Their historical background gives the saluki breed an independent and sometimes aloof nature. Salukis are intelligent and gentle, but sometimes difficult to train because of their solitary nature. Socialism a saluki early on in life will help avoid shyness later. A sweet dog, salukis do well with people and children as long as there is no rough housing.

The saluki body was built for running. Their streamlined form and long legs make them one of the fastest dog breeds. The only breed faster is the greyhound, however because of the saluki’s heavily padded feet they can run faster for longer. Their stamina is another reason salukis make exceptional hunters. Also because of their hunting nature, salukis enjoy chasing moving objects.

With their high intelligence, they easily bore with some typical dog games like fetch. Allowing for plenty of time to run outside will keep a saluki happy. Their high level of attention also makes salukis sensitive. Using harsh or negative punishment with a saluki will result in a shy dog, not an obedient one.

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