Rottweilers originated in Germany as cart pullers and herding dogs. They still have strong herding instincts but are more work with the police, military and as assistants to people who have disabilities. They are friendly and dependable with their family but are protective. Rotties are aloof with strangers and need early and frequent socialization.

The Rottweiler is a working dog and needs daily exercise. He measures in at about 25 inches in height but the massive build makes him appear larger. This breed has a short coat that requires minimal brushing. When not docked the tail is medium length and slightly feathered. The medium sized ears are triangular and naturally floppy. The color is always black with rust colored points over the eyes, under the tail, and on the legs, feet, muzzle, chest and cheeks.

The Rottweiler’s nature is to be cautious and alert. They are not indiscriminately aggressive, but are courageous when the need arises. Rotties are slightly dog aggressive, and they need to learn to be around other dogs without trying to dominate them.

Rotties are a healthy breed, but they are prone to many of the ailments that afflict other large breeds such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. Other health problems are caused by obesity in the dog. This dog is willing to be lazy and overfed if he has the option.

This breed is often portrayed in movies and television as evil or aggressive. These stereotypes could not be further from the truth. A properly raised Rottweiler is an intelligent and playful companion. His intelligence makes him an easy dog to train.

The popularity of this breed does lead to some irresponsible breeders trying to make money without caring for the breed standard. Find a reputable breeder to ensure you get the best possible dog. Irresponsible breeders care nothing for the health and temperament of their pups.

While it may not be the best breed for a new dog owner, Rottweilers make a wonderful addition to many families. If you chose a Rottweiler, do so for the love of the breed. He will reward you with years of faithful service for little more than an occasional pat on the head.

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