Pomeranians are small dogs that love to play or hang out with their owners. They are friendly and outgoing with all people. The Pomeranian is quick to sound the alert whenever they spot a strange person or animal near their home. They are somewhat protective of their owners, but not aggressive about it.

Originally bred in cold arctic climates, this breed has a dense coat that protects them from the cold. This coat does require regular grooming to keep it from matting or becoming unsightly. Even when clipped, this coat requires regular brushing. This dense coat gives the Pomeranian a lion like appearance. It has a thick main around the head and neck and a fluffy tail that curls up over their back.

For a small dog, weighing in at four to seven pounds, Pomeranians exude self-confidence. They are fearless and believe they can handle any situation that comes up. Although self confident this breed does not like being left alone. They want to be with people as much as possible and will bark or whine unless trained to stay alone.

This intelligent breed learns quickly. Their eager to please nature makes training an enjoyable pastime for owners. A kind word is all it takes to make a Pomeranian do its best to please people.

Pomeranians are generally healthy with a few joint and esophageal issues. They look deceptively delicate, and can actually handle quite a bit of physical play. The Pomeranian is very active. It can get plenty of exercise in the home but also loves a good run. They are energetic but not hyperactive. They are quick to realize when playtime is over and it is time for a cuddle.

This breed is great with children who are past the grabbing and pulling stage. Keep an eye on toddlers with them because that thick fur seems to be an irresistible target for curious hands.

People looking for a lively and friendly companion need look no further than the Pomeranian. They are a bundle of love and energy in a pint-sized package.

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