The pointer, also known as the English pointer is a strong hunting dog. It has a wide head and long muzzle. Its ears are droopy with pointed tips. The front legs are straight and the tail has a thick base which tapers to a sharp end. The pointer has a short coat of hair whose color may vary between black, lemon, liver or orange, and can either be one solid color or a combination of two or three. The nose is flesh colored in light-coated dogs, and brown or black in the darker ones.

The pointer breed was derived by cross-breeding the bull dog with the setter, the hound group, or the Newfoundland. The pointer was first mentioned in records in the mid 1600s in England. This pointer was useful as a hunting dog at the time before people started using guns. The name pointer is believed to depict the way the dog stands motionlessly and points at the game. The pointers’ speed on open ground and their ability to pick up scents made them popular with hunters.
Pointers are highly energetic dogs which make them zealous hunters. If they get enough exercise, they have a mild temperament. Their need for long daily runs makes them unsuitable for keeping in apartments. They are best if they can have access to the open outdoors. When they are puppies, pointers are sociable. However, they are affected by the personality of the handler. They can be dominating if the owner is timid because they feel like they have to take charge of the dog-owner relationship.
Pointers are easy to groom owing to their short coat. A daily brushing with a short-bristled dog brush is all that is required to keep a pointer looking smart. Pointers are ideal dogs for exercise enthusiasts because they love to run alongside a person who is jogging or cycling. Pointers do not do well in cold places. They are best suited for warmer climates. They are prone to skin problems, hip dysplasia, and dwarfism, but under ideal conditions they can live to be 13 to 14 years old.

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