Pit Bulls are one of the most confusing of all the dog breeds. There are actually three different breeds associated with the name. The AKC recognizes only the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier, while many people think of the American Pit Bull Terrier when they hear the term Pit Bull. Although similar in temperament, there are differences in the appearance of each type.

Originally bred to fight bulls, bears and later other dogs; all Pit Bulls are strong, tenacious and immune to pain. What often is ignored is their devotion and love of people. Few dogs have a worse reputation with the press than Pit Bulls. Many municipalities have gone so far as to enact legislation banning Pit Dogs in general.

Early socialization is important for Pit Bulls. Although they are generally people friendly, they are protective. They will physically defend their family instead of depending on a bark to ward off a threat. Owners of Pit Bulls must be able to control their dog should it perceive something to be a threat.

Pit Bulls also need socialization with other animals. They need to learn that other, especially smaller, animals are a part of the family as well. This is easiest done with a young dog, but older dogs can learn to tolerate and enjoy the companionship of other dogs or even other species.

The sad fact is that people do still fight these dogs, and some of the less able fighters may be sold to the public. No one should purchase a Pit Bull that does not come from a reputable breeder. Respectable breeders have worked hard to breed the aggression out of this dog; breeders of fighting dogs have done just the opposite.

Pit Bulls are short, stocky and well muscled. They are a healthy breed that has few genetic disorders none of which is overly common as you see so often in other breeds. Grooming a Pit Bull is a simple process as their coat is short and easy for which to care. Daily walks are important to help rid them of excess energy

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