Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs are one of the most unique breeds, with their shaggy coat and solid muscular build they are conside4red a large breed in the dog world. These dogs have been working dogs for centuries. This breed is thought to have originated in western England and as their name states they were used to herd sheep to market. Ironically these dogs where shored with the sheep and their hair was used to make clothing. The Old English sheep dogs tail is cropped, this began so the dogs could be identified as a working dog in ancient England and the farmers and shepherds were given a tax break for owning the dog.

This dog breed makes a wonderful pet if the potential owner keeps in mind that it was bred as a working dog. This means that the dog is intelligent, strong and needs to be walked and exercised every day. While the Old English Sheep dog is not aggressive or nervous, they will get themselves into trouble if they are not given a job to do every day. This job can be walking or jogging with the owner, or if the owner has a large yard simply letting the dog run in the yard daily will provide him with the opportunity to expend the energy that is part of his breed.
With their gentle nature and ability to be an excellent watch dog this breed makes the perfect pet in any environment. Daily maintanence of their coat requires a little work but with a few minutes devoted to brushing it daily it is easy to keep looking nice. Most people believe since this dog has so much hair they shed a lot but quite the opposite is true while this breed does shed unlike many other breeds that shed large amounts several times a year this dog sheds only small amounts at a time, another wonderful feature that makes them an excellent pet.

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