Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniels can trace their history back to as far as the seventh or eighth centuries. Additionally, these dogs can be traced back more specifically to the Shannon region in Ireland in the twelfth century. The Irish Water Spaniel is a typical sporting dog and therefore the spaniel has historically have been used as a hunting dog.

Since Irish Water Spaniels have been historically bred to be hunting dogs they are very active and energetic. They are rugged and solidly built with a barrel chest. Moreover, Irish Water Spaniels were built for and greatly enjoy the outdoors. Their dark grey coat is double layered and waterproof which makes them ideal for hunting waterfowl. Each layer of the Irish Water Spaniel’s coat is densely curled. One of the more distinguishing physical characteristics of the Irish Water Spaniel is its tail. Its tail has commonly been referred to as a rat tail since the hair thins out compared to the rest of its coat. Regular exercise is important for Irish Water Spaniels since these dogs are bred to be athletic and spirited. Without regular exercise Irish Water Spaniels will become more difficult to work with and train.
Irish Water Spaniels make great companions for any family because they are intelligent and loyal. They are eager to please and therefore are obedient and easy to train. The temperament of the average Irish Water Spaniel is stable and easy going; this pleasant temperament makes these dogs well suited to living with younger children. In addition, Irish Water Spaniels are suitable for allergy sufferers since their coats are hypoallergenic. These coats require regular brushing every couple of weeks and regular care. Every once in a while their coats need to be trimmed and properly groomed. Aside from these qualifications, Irish Water Spaniels are relatively easy to care for.
In conclusion, Irish Water Spaniels are inquisitive and bright. These dogs are easy to train and have the natural instinct to please. Although they have been bred historically as hunting dogs, Irish Water Spaniels make perfect pets for families that are looking for active and vivacious dogs.

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