Great Danes

Great Danes

One of the giants of the dog world is the Great Dane. For all their size, Great Danes are gentle and affectionate companions. Males should stand at least 30 inches high and females 28 inches but taller is better. Although they are happy living in the smallest dwelling, their human companions might begin to feel a bit crowded.
Great Danes are energetic dogs that require significant exercise. Potential owners need to commit to at least one hour per day of brisk walking to meet their exercise requirements. Of course, a brisk walk for a human is a leisurely stroll for a Great Dane.
Many owners crop the naturally floppy ears of this breed. The height to length ratio is equal although females are permitted to be lightly longer than they are tall. The Great Dane gets his height from the Irish Wolfhound and massive build from the old English Mastiff.

His historic job of an estate guard dog makes him unlikely to bark for no reason. Great Danes will give an alert bark to let you know someone is about, but he will not continue once you have gotten the message. Bark or no bark, people do not wander through the yard of a Great Dane uninvited. The sheer size of this dog causes people who do not know him to give him a wide berth.

Great Danes are good with children. They are always gentle and patient with the smallest of their human family. They are not clumsy, and they will not knock children around as they walk through a room. You should teach your Great Dane not to jump on people unless invited.

This dog has many of the same physical ailments that afflict other large breeds. They are also prone to heart disease.

The acceptable colors and patterns for a Great Dane are black, blue, brindle, fawn, harlequin and mantle. The short coat requires little grooming and he does not shed excessively. The sheer size of this dog can make bathing and brushing a chore. He will let you do it, but you will get a workout in the process.

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