German Shepherd

German Shepherd
German Shepherd dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds today. This breed is known for its intelligence, loyalty and bravery. It will bond closely with its human pack and defend it against any threat. This large energetic dog needs mental stimulation and plenty of exercise.

German Shepherds originated as a herding dog that could protect and control animals put under its care. It is a confident dog, that when properly raised, is completely trustworthy with every member of the family. Do not let the German Shepherds seemingly aloof personality keep you from learning to love this fantastic breed of dog. He is not the type of dog to fawn over strangers. You do have to work to make friends with him, but once he gives you his devotion, it is yours for life.

The German Shepherd is a smart animal. It is popular with law enforcement, the military and search and rescue teams. As with other smart breeds of dogs, it is important to give a German Shepherd plenty of mental stimulation. He wants to learn tricks or have a job instead of just sitting around the house. A smart dog is quite capable of entertaining himself and you might not like the method he chooses when left to his own devices.

When choosing this breed, finding a reputable breeder is extremely important. As with other popular breeds, there are disreputable breeders who are selling puppies for quick cash instead of love of the breed. Poorly bred dogs have the potential to have medical and temperament issues. The long sloping back of the German Shepherd makes this dog prone to hip dysplasia. You should ensure that both parents have had their hips checked by a veterinarian prior to any purchase. A breeder who has both parents onsite should be happy to let to visit with them to ensure they have a stable temperament. Think twice about a breeder who has timid puppies. A fearful German Shepherd makes a poor family pet.

Groom a German Shepherd at least once a week. They are frequent shedders. Grooming also helps with the bonding process. Grooming this dog is easy and takes little time.

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