Chow Chow

Chow chows

The Chow Chow is an ancient breed of dog. This breed did not specialize in a specific task. He could hunt, herd, pull carts and protect the home. Chows are a strong, medium sized dog who is devoted to their family. The Chow Chow is suspicious and aloof with strangers but dependable within the family.

Chow Chows need early socialization. They should meet many new people in order for them to learn to tolerate, if not love, people outside the family unit. Their independent nature means that they can be hard to train. They are intelligent but will not always roll over on command just because you tell them to.

Although the Chow can have a smooth or rough coat, either type is double coated and takes quite a bit of grooming. A properly maintained Chow Chow requires brushing several times per week and additional grooming during shedding season. They shed great quantities of fur when the seasons change, and you should not be surprised if your carpet looks like a colorful cotton field on occasion.

The most striking features of this dog are their fluffy coat and black/blue tongue. The coat comes in cream, cinnamon, red, blue and black. The small erect ears are almost lost in the lion’s main of fur around the head and neck. The wrinkled face beautifully sets off small almond shaped black eyes and black nose. The Chow Chow has a unique gait caused by short and straight back legs.

Although not demanding of exercise, a Chow does require daily walks and play time. Walks not only keep their stubborn streak in check, but also expose them to new situations and people.

Chows are a high maintenance dog and are not suitable for a first time dog owner. The grooming requirements, early socialization needs and independent nature means that this breed needs a confident and experienced owner in order to thrive.

When properly raised, the Chow Chow is a fantastic addition to the family. They are gentle and affectionate without being clingy. He will probably never love the mail carrier, but he will not care if the mail carrier does not like him either.

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