Although there are several different bulldog breeds, the English Bulldog is the most popular and easily recognized. Cute might not be the first word to come to mind when thinking of an English Bulldog. Dignified, strong and courageous more accurately describe this breed’s first impression.

Bulldogs have a special affinity for children. They are protective, gentle and loving with the smallest members of their human family. This breed is the most dignified of all dog breeds, but they are not above playful antics to cheer up and entertain their human companions.

English Bulldogs are not a tall breed, but they are solidly built. There is nothing wimpy about a bulldog. Originally bred for bull baiting, only the strongest members of this canine family survived. Their history with bull baiting explains the stubborn nature of the English Bulldog. When a bulldog sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him. It is lucky for people that this breed is so gentle. This tenacity, in a more aggressive breed, would be impossible to handle. An English Bulldog knows that he is strong and able to handle anything, so he has no need for aggression.

Although great dogs, this dog breed is prone to more than a few physical problems. The wrinkles and short hair lead themselves to dermatological issues. The stocky frame causes bone and joint problems. The short muzzle leads to respiratory problems and a propensity to overheat. Even though the breed is somewhat high maintenance, few English Bulldog owners would dream of having a home that did not include at least one.

English Bulldogs is the perfect apartment dog for those who do not want a fluffy toy breed. They cannot be left in the yard for long periods as they may overheat or become chilled. They require little exercise, but they do love a short walk to meet the neighbors. Your English Bulldog will not want to be left alone all day. They are very social and want to spend most of their time with their human family.

This may not be the best breed for an inexperienced dog owner, but if you are looking for a calm, confident and loyal companion an English Bulldog might just be the dog for you.

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