Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiff

The Bull Mastiff is the perfect watchdog. Although not aggressive, the size and appearance of this dog will keep any intruders from entering a home. This is actually a very sweet natured dog that will do anything to please his people.

This breed is great with children and seems to have an instinctive awareness of his own strength. He will withstand the unknowing yanks and grabs of a very young child with complete patience. With older children, he is a fantastic playmate who will participate in any game. They are also excellent with other animals. As a watchdog rather than a hunting breed small animals have nothing to fear from this gentle dog.

This large, muscular dog is surprisingly agile. He is more a trained athlete than a lumbering giant. This dog does not necessarily understand the point of sit, stay and down. It is not so much lack of intelligence, but lack of interest.

Bull Mastiffs need little in the way of exercise. They are happy to just relax in the home, preferably by a fireplace, and chill out with their family. The Bull Mastiff is also a quiet dog. He will bark, but only if there is a reason to do so. Grooming is also easy with this breed. The very short hair leads to little to no brushing requirements.

This lovely dog does have a sloppy side. They are notorious droolers. Some people might not be able to handle the occasional wet spot on the sofa, but for many Bull Mastiff lovers this is not even an issue. They just learn to keep a hanky in their pocket to handle the excess canine saliva.

This is a large dog. 26 inches high and 120 pounds of lovable canine is what you will get with a Bull Mastiff. It is a good thing he is good-natured. Bull Mastiffs share many of the health problems that many large heavy boned dog breeds have. They are prone to joint issues, hip dysplasia and arthritis. They also might have dermatological and thyroid issues.

This great dog fits into any family and is fantastic for a first time dog owner. He fits into any home whether it is large or small. Things might get a little more crowded with a Bull Mastiff in the family, but they are worth it.

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