Border Collie

Border Collie

A Border Collie is a cute, athletic and smart dog. This irresistible combination has caused many people to impulsively adopt and then regret that decision. They are a fantastic breed for the right owners but can be problematical for the wrong family.

To understand the nature of a Border Collie one must understand its original function. Shepherds needed a dog with plenty of stamina and intelligence to gather sheep, and other livestock, from the rough border between England and Scotland. Over time, this hardworking breed developed ingrained instincts and an energetic nature that are not always compatible with family life.

The Border Collie lives to work. They want nothing more than to have a function within the family. They require a lot of exercise, training and attention from their owners. This dog excels at any task that requires a combination of intelligence and agility. Few breeds can best Border Collies in agility training. When not given enough mental stimulation and exercise the Border Collie can become destructive within the home. This is not out of malice but boredom and excess energy.

The strong herding instinct causes this breed to try to herd children and other pets into a manageable group. When those being herded do not cooperate, the dog escalates the attempts, which can lead to nipping and mouthing of uncooperative members of the “flock.” This behavior is not aggressive, but is not always agreeable to a family with small children.

The perfect owner for a Border Collie is someone who loves to get out with their dog. Jogging, bike riding, hiking and dog sporting events are all great activities that will keep your energetic Border Collie happily exhausted.

This medium sized breed comes in many colors although the most common is black and white. Other colors include grey, tan, sable and blue. The coat can be long or short and requires weekly brushing. This dog is easy to care for in the grooming department.

The eyes are one of the most striking features of this breed. Eye color can be any shade of brown, or they can be blue. When herding a Border Collie lowers its head and fixes its target with an intense gaze. This look is all it takes for most of these dogs to get their intended target moving in the right direction.

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