The Beagle is a great choice for anyone who wants an active, fun-loving smaller breed of dog. Beagles are fifteen inches or less in height, which makes them a great option for people who live in smaller homes. They are curious and willing to befriend anyone that they meet.

A scent hound, Beagles will quickly dart away if allowed outside without a leash. Bred to track small game, the scent and sight of rabbits and squirrels are irresistible to this dog. They will happily follow a scent for miles, and they are hard to catch when they start to run.

Beagles hunt in packs. This is one reason that this dog is so good in a family. They adopt all members of a family as part of their pack. They do not bond exclusively to one individual but instead love everyone equally. Beagles will even make friends with the family cat.

This breed makes a fantastic watchdog but a poor guard dog. They will bark or howl when they hear or smell something new, but will not confront an intruder. Luckily, most home intruders will retreat when hearing any dog bark, regardless of breed or the size of the dog.

One of the best qualities of a Beagle is their even temperament. They are perfectly suited to be a friend and playmate for a family’s children. They are gentle, affectionate and always ready to play. The small size even makes it possible for children to walk the dog. They are less likely to break away than a larger dog.

Beagles have a smooth coat that makes bathing and brushing easy. They do shed a lot and brushing keeps the loose fur in check. It takes very little time to brush a Beagle, ten or twenty minutes is all it takes.

This is a vocal breed. Vocalization is how the hunters kept track of their packs of Beagles. This instinctive behavior is hard, if not impossible, to stop. Keep your dog inside so his barks and howls do not drive your neighbors crazy.

The Beagle is well suited to almost any family. Their clownish good looks attract people to them, while their charming personality deepens the initial attraction into a long-term love affair.

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