Native to Japan, the Akita is a strong, independent and lively breed. It is strong in both mind and body, and it needs consistent and firm leadership. This breed is not an appropriate choice for a first time dog owner.

The Akita is devoted to its human family. It has little need or desire for any additional companionship. Although playful and affectionate with the family, this dog becomes protective of its family when strangers are about. They are not aggressive with children but very young children should be supervised when with this breed. This breed will not fawn over strangers at best they will wait patiently until the interloper leaves.

Early socialization with both people and dogs is very important with this breed. Akitas do not generally like other dogs, especially those of the same sex. An Akita is a dominant breed, and it will try to take the alpha role when it is with other dogs. This leads to conflict amongst dogs and can cause chaos at places such as an off-leash dog park.

The Akita is a double-coated dog that requires daily brushing of its short but thick fur. The coat can be any color both solid and parti-colored. When multiple colors present they should be well-defined and distributed harmoniously. This Japanese breed has to have the feng shui thing going. This high-energy dog needs a long walk every day. It is hard to tire an Akita, but owners should do their best.

This is a heavy boned dog of great substance. They are stout but not bulky. It is not a tall breed but is dense and well muscled. They grow to about 25 inches. Their triangular ears should lean slightly forward. Akitas are slightly longer than they are tall. Although it is a sturdy dog, there are a number of health issues including thyroid, endocrine and joint problems.

Akitas are always alert and know what is going on around them. They should show no shyness or timidity instead expect courage and dignity. Expect the unexpected with Akitas. They can turn from a playful friend to an alert watchdog in a split second.

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