Dog Illnesses

Dog Illnesses

All dogs are vulnerable to disease. The best that a dog owner can do is to be alert and educated on which dog problems they may have to deal with. There are conditions that are specific to dogs, and those that they share with their human owners. Some problems are treatable, while others simply run their course leaving heartbreak in their wake.

When that cute puppy first comes home, he or she needs a visit to their friendly veterinarian. They will get a physical checkup and a few shots to protect them against certain diseases. Not every disease is preventable, but all puppies should get protection from those that can be. The vet might have a convenient checklist that contains a vaccination schedule. Owners should read and follow this checklist carefully. Beyond shots, a dog also needs spaying or neutering and maybe a microchip for identification.

Annual checkups and shots help to keep dogs healthy and assist in early diagnosis. Almost all dog problems are easier to handle when detected early. Some conditions might even be deadly if left untreated for very long. When visiting the veterinarian make sure to ask for tips and tricks to keep your new friend healthy and happy.

Dog problems run the gamut from deadly diseases such as the parvovirus and cancer to skin disorders that will drive both dog and owner to distraction from the incessant scratching. Even a healthy dog will require flea treatment, heartworm prevention and regular worming. These are simple and easy things that helps to prevent problems that are more serious in the future.

All dogs will need treatment for something at some point in their lives. This is a simple fact of dog ownership. The responsibility for treatment falls on the shoulders of the owner. Agreeing to care for a new puppy is a long-term commitment. In return for this care, people get devotion and unconditional love.

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